Departments Detail

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for surgical patient started in February-2013 with 12 beds. All are equipped with invasive monitors and vigilant ICU nurses. It started taking care of cardiac surgical patients after the first operation on 14-February-2013. The Patients are followed in 12 bedded HDU(HIGH DEPENDENCY UNIT) adjacent to SICU. The patient is either discharged to the ward or directly to home depending on their post operative recovery. During SICU stay Senior Anesthesia /In-Charge ICU the operating surgeon, Senior Anesthesia, Physiotherapist and Allied Health care Professional along with the dedicated ICU nurses, take excellent state of the art care of surgical patients. In JAN-2016 5 beded of HDU(HIGH DEPENDENCY UNIT) were reserved for Pediatric SICU, Where 3 to 4 pediatric cardiac surgery patients are taken care of per week. Separate nursing staff, LED and friendly environment for children provided in it.