Departments Detail

Clinical Psychology department of Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology was established in Nov, 2020.This department facilitates cardiac patients in improvement of their health related Quality of Life and optimal functioning.
Services includes:
•    Assessment and diagnosis of psychological disorders comorbid with cardiovascular diseases i.e.     Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Personality Disorders, PTSD etc.
•    Planning and execution of psychotherapeutic interventions to enhance emotional wellbeing of patient.
•    Counseling of cardiac patients for behavioral-lifestyle modifications i.e. smoking cessation, substance    abuse, pain management, insomnia, medical adherence towards follow ups, compliance towards     medications and dietary restrictions etc.
•    Help patients to manage acute stress regarding cardiac procedures, hospitalization adjustment issues,     and complications.
This department also offers clinical training to psychology graduates who wants to pursue their career as clinical psychologist.