Departments Detail

The emergency department of Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology is a state of art facility, first of its kind in the civil sector Rawalpindi division. The department is well equipped with all the necessary gadgetry to handle all cardiac emergencies adequate number of well trained staff to provide timely and quality care to the patients round the clock, 7 days a week. Following the internationally set standards by American college of cardiology and European society of cardiology for the care of cardiac patients, we have the facilities to diagnose and treat cardiac emergencies like Acute MI, Non-STEMI, Unstable Angina, Stable Sngina, Pulmonary Embolism, Aortic Diseases, Heart Failure, Arrhythmia and so on. Daily more then 250 patients present in the emergency department of RIC from different regions of the country.In addition to the local patients(twin cities),we receive patients for other cities of Punjab,KPK and Azad Kashmir.

Under the supervision of worthy Executive Director Professor Dr Anjum Jalal we are putting full efforts to ensure that high standards of care is being provided to the patients in need.


There are 28 beds in emergency. Every bed has attach cardiac monitor which provides continuous monitoring of patient's heart rate, rhythm, temperature, oxygen saturation and blood pressure. In addition to these fixed monitors we have 04-06 portable cardiac monitors which are used to monitor the critical patients during shifting. Centralized delivery system provides oxygen at the head end of each bed.There is separate apparatus for suction available with each bed. The head end of each bed can be propped up with a leaver and the beds can be mobilized or can be locked in a stable position as per need. We have four crash trays, fully equipped, which can be moved to the bedside whenever needed. We have 6 mechanical ventilators to provide noninvasive as well as invasive ventilatory support to the patients in need. Furthermore, we have 24 wheel chairs,10 stretchers to carry patients as per need Other include 07 ECG machines, 01 automated Arterial blood gasses machine 01 fixed electrocardiography machine and 01 portable electrocardiography machine.

Resuscitation Room:

This is as separate room inside the emergency where 4 beds are specified for the patients who present in a collapsed state and/or need ventilatory support or intensive monitoring. One Nurse per 2 beds and a doctor look after the patients in resuscitation room.


The emergency department has dedicated, hard working well trained, specialized staff which include 04-06 doctors, 10 nursers, 04 ward-boys, 02 ayas, 04 sweepers per shift.In addition, one wheel chair bearer, one ECG technician for male patients and one ECG technician for female patients per shift. One batch in-charge supervises the junior doctors (postgraduate residents) and all of these are in contact with a consultant cardiologist who is available whenever needed. One in-charge nurse per shift looks after the administrative issue and maintains record of drugs, patients.


This is an administrative post. One doctor appointed as DMS per shift looks after the administrative issues.


Four guards are posted per shift.