Departments Detail


Health Information Technology (HIT) of Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology was established in Fall-2013. The reason behind establishing the department ,to make a state of the art HIT services to the patients.

Rawalpindi Institute Of Cardiology is the 1st Punjab Government tertiary care institute where Hospital Management & Information System (HMIS) having detail Electronic Medical Record (EMR) fully functional along with server base real time cardiology diagnostic and surgical procedures, Learning Management System is live now, which is a great source of learning for the doctors/consultant as well as a mutual calibrate with the other institute of real time case studies.

RIC IT department has one of the Punjab Government Health Institute department having its own Tier-III level data Center,Comprising 1000+  Network Nodes, at 10G Back Bone,who is providing Seamless Services to its user 24x7 under the supervision of Mr. Muhammad Hanzala Farooq.

RIC IT department managing/providing the Seamless Services of:

  1.  1. HMIS
  2.  2. Time Attendance & Leave Management System.
  3.  3. Patient Q-Management System.
  4.  4. Server Base Video Conference & Learning Management System.
  5.  5. Patient Education System.